Istanbul Commerce University, Artificial Intelligence

—Course home page:

—lecture notes, tutorials, assignment, grading, penffice hours, etc.

—Textbook: S. Russell and P. Norvig Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach Prentice Hall, 2009, Third Edition

—Lecturer: Dr. Sadi Evren SEKER :

—Grading: Class participation (5%), Programming assignment (15%), —Midterm Exam (30%), Final exam (50%)

—Class participation includes participation in both lectures and tutorials (attendance, asking and answering questions, presenting solutions to tutorial questions).

—Note that attendance at every lecture and tutorial will be taken and constitutes part of the class participation grade.

—Midterm Exam (in class, 1 hr) and final exam (2 hrs) are both open-book

—A must check :

Schedule : —BIL 452, Monday 10.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. & 13.00 p.m. to 15.30 p.m.

—No Classes, Seoul between 5 – 10 March, —Dallas between 18 – 29 March, —Make up classes TBA

Midterm Grades (Vize Notları, Excel Dosyası)

Final Grades (Final Notları ve Harfler ,Excel Dosyası)

Course Outline:

  • —Introduction and Agents (chapters 1,2)
  • —Search (chapters 3,4,5,6)
  • —Logic (chapters 7,8,9)
  • —Planning (chapters 11,12)
  • —Uncertainty (chapters 13,14)
  • —Learning (chapters 18,20)
  • —Natural Language Processing (chapter 22,23)


  • Week 1, Introduction
  • Week 2, Search
  • Week 2, 3, Heuristic Search
  • Week 3, Constraing Satisfaction Problems
  • Week 3, Satisfiability
  • Week 4, Review 1st part (Search)
  • Week 4, Review 2nd part (Heuristics)
  • Week 5, no classes
  • Week 6, Midterm : Announcement for the midterm: 1 or 2 questions with multiple parts. For example, you will be given a problem or game and you will be asked to transfer the problem into a search problem. Solve the problem with search algorithms like DFS, BFS, LDFS, IDDFS etc. and compare the success of algorithms. Also you will be asked to find two or more heuristic functions and criticize your function like if it is admissible, is any of your functions dominates another, are they suitable for greedy search or A* etc.  (this announcement is only for giving idea, midterm questions may not be limited by the definitions or examples here, so prepare for all the content we have covered until last class).
  • Exam will start at 9.00 a.m. in the morning, exam is open book and you can bring the course slides, text book or your personal notes, please be sure you have your name on all open-book material before the exam.  (Sınav sabah 9.00’da başlayacaktır, sınav açık kitap olup ders notları, kitap ve slide’ların çıktılarını getirebilirsiniz, lütfen sınavdan önce bütün yanınızda getirdiğiniz belgelerin üzerine isminizi yazınız)
  • Week 7, Midterm Review, First Order Logic,
  • Week 8, First Order Logic (Cont.), Backward and Forward Chaining
  • Week 9, Prolog Tutorial
  • Week 10, Uncertainty
  • Week 11, Knowledge Base and Rule Based Systems
  • Week 12, Data Mining Techniques, Preprocessing, Normalization (Quantile, Min-Max), Classification (K-NN), Clustering (K-Means), Prediction (Linear Regression), Association
  • Week 13, Advanced Artificial Intelligence Topics : Artificial Neural Networks (Bayesian Networks , ), Genetic Programming
  • Week 14, Project Demonstrations will start at 10 a.m. at May 11 and will finish when nobody is waiting on the class. (Proje demoları 11 Mayıs günü saat 10’da başlayacak ve sunum için gelen öğrenci kalmayana kadar devam edecektir, şayet geç gelirseniz ve kimse kalmamış olursa sunum yapma imkanınız bulunmayacağı için lütfen 10’da sunum için gelmiş olmaya dikkat ediniz).
  • Week 15, Final Exam: Exam will be open book and questions will be in similar format to the midterm exam. Exam is scheduled to 18th of May at 11.00a.m.