Istanbul Medeniyet University, Introduction to Management Course

—Course home page:

—lecture notes, tutorials, assignment, grading, office hours, etc.

—Textbook: Management, 13/E, Stephen P. Robbins, San Diego State UniversityMary Coulter, Missouri State UniversityISBN-10: 0133910296 • ISBN-13: 9780133910292-

—Lecturer: Dr. Sadi Evren SEKER :

—Grading: Class participation (5%), Project / Presentation (15%), —Midterm Exam (30%), Final exam (50%)

—Class participation includes participation in both lectures and tutorials (attendance, asking and answering questions, presenting solutions to tutorial questions).

—Note that attendance at every lecture and tutorial will be taken and constitutes part of the class participation grade.

—Midterm Exam (in class, 1 hr) and final exam (2 hrs) are both open-book

—A must check : Pearson Student Learning Center

Schedule : —”Yönetime Giriş” 13.30, Tuesday, “Introduction to Management” 14.30, Wednesday

—No Classes, Seoul between 5 – 10 March, —Dallas between 18 – 29 March, —Make up classes TBA

Course will be on time (14.30) at 25th of March. (25 Mart günü ders, saatinde (14.30) yapılacaktır).

Course Outline:

PART 1: Introduction

PART 2: Basics of Managing in Today’s Workplace

PART 3: Planning

PART 4: Organizing

PART 5: Leading

PART 6: Controlling

Slides are also available from Pearson learning center

Project deliverables will be submitted until midnight, May 1st,2015 via e-mail. Attach your presentation (preferably in power point format) and your project report (preferably in word format). Your projects should include proof of visit, biography of manager, brief explanation of subject you selected from course content and your interview questions and answers.