CSC102- 01: HOW THE INTERNET WORKS, Smith College, Department of Computer Science, Fall 2016


Classes: Monday – Wednesday 1.10 pm – 2.30 pm

Location: Ford Hall 342

Instructor: Dr. Şadi Evren ŞEKER (Office: Ford Hall 252)

Office Hours

  • Wednesday, 11.00- 12.00 or 3.30 – 4.30 PM
  • Other times by appointment/as available
  • Lunch meetings available by request for small groups


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Introduction: The Internet has transformed society, opening up communication channels never dreamed of by previous generations. This course introduces students to the structure, design, and operation of the Internet, beginning with the electronic and physical construction of networks and basic network protocols. It addresses personal safety online, how email and Web browsers work, and the design of simple Web pages. Along the way it explores the historical and societal implications of this new medium.


Optional / also recommended (on reserve in Young library):

      • How The Internet Works, by Preston Gralla: Contains detailed labeled diagrams of many internet-related topics.
      • Basics of Web Design by Terry Felke-Morris: Contains detailed information on web page design and specific aspects of HTML, aimed at beginners. The more advanced portions of this book will also be useful if you take CSC 105.
      • Web 101, by Wendy Lehnert and Richard Kopec, which was used for this course in previous semesters.

In addition to the texts above, Wikipedia usually contains accurate information focused on specific topics relating to the Internet.

Tentative Course Outline

Class Topic Readings
1 [PPT] Physics of Networks: SignalsFiber optics Ch. 1-3 ~ ~ Ch.1-2 ~ 1.1-1.4



History of InternetLANIP Ch. 4-5 ~ ~ Ch 3-4 ~ 1.5-1.6


Communications Protocols:  TCPDNS Ch. 6 ~ ~ Ch. 5-6 ~ ~


WWW Intro; HTTPURL Ch. 7 Ch. 1-2 ~ Ch. 17-18 Ch. 1 & 4 1.7-1.8


HTMLintroduction ~ 4-6 ~ Ch. 19-20 Ch. 2-3 9.1-9.3
6 [PPT] HTML: tablesrelative URL, etc. ~ 7-8 ~ Ch. 21 Ch. 9 10.1-10.2
7 [PPT] Color & ImagesForms ~ Ch. 9, 21 ~ Ch. 22 Ch. 6 & 10 9.6, 10.5
8 [PPT] Style rules; Multimedia ~ 10-13 ~ ~ Ch. 5 & 7 & 11 10.3-10.4
9 [PPT] EmailSMTPspam ~ ~ Ch. 13 Ch. 11-12 ~ 3.1-3.6
10 [PPT] Personal Safety: cookiesphishing, etc. ~ ~ Ch. 4 & 6 Ch. 44-49 ~ 2.1-2.16


Web searchingPage rank ~ ~ Ch. 5 & 8 Ch. 27-28 ~ 5.3-5.4


Cryptography;  Security; ~ ~ ~


Final presentations Final projects/exams due

I2N = Introduction to Networking: How the Internet Works
LWD = Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics
P&IS = How Personal & Internet Security Work
WtIW = How the Internet Works
BoWD = Basics of Web Design
W101 = Web 101


Assignment Weight
Homework sets 50%
Class participation 20%
Final Exam/Paper 30%

Collaboration Policy: You may freely use internet resources and your course notes in completing assignments and quizzes for this course. You may not consult any person other than the professor when completing quizzes or exams. (Clarifying questions should be directed to the professor.) On assignments you may collaborate with others in the course, so long as you personally prepare the materials submitted under your name, and they accurately reflect your understanding of the topic. Any collaborations should be indicated by a note submitted with the assignment.


Please fill the knowledge card attached here, and send it back via email.

Assignment #1 : You can download your first assignment from this link.  [Due Date: 09/22, Thursday]

Assignment #2: TCP and HTTP assignment. please click to download [Due Date : 09/29, Thursday]

Assignment #3: HTML Practice [Due Date : 10/06, Thursday]

Codes written in class (the latest versions): bio.html ,  table_samples.html

Assignment #4: HTML Forms [Due Date : 10/20, Thursday]

You can check your Grades from the link.

Assignment #5: E-Mail Headers [Due Date: 10/26, Wednesday]

Final Projects: Click to Download the project file [Due Date: 10/27, Thursday]

Important !!! Announcement about Self Scheduled Exam: I have just  learnt that, self-scheduled exams are not available for the half-term classes. (I think in the past, it was possible to give at the end of the semester, but it seems this does not work well). So, the best thing we have is applying the final project for all. Also we can talk about the case in the next class (monday).

Announcement about Last Class: We have a class at Oct 26 (Wednesday).

Final Grades

Announcements about final grades: 

Note 1: The reason I am announcing all the grades in detail is I can make a mistake or there may be some cases with email submissions. So, if there is a problem about your submissions (0 means not submitted) please contact me

Note2: If you have extension about any submissions for some reason, dont worry about the final grades, I will update the grades when all the submissions are completed.